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How to decorate a pen using paper cords

Decorate your pen with paper cords.

How to use thick crepe papers

Thick crepe papers are much thicker than normal crepe paper. They are very stretchable, they are thick enough to retain their shape after moulding.

How to use flower stamens

Artificial flower stamens are made from strings with the ends made of plastic.

They come in wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes.  They are designed to mimic real life flower stamens.

What are fine papers

Fine papers come in a range of thicknesses, textures, colours and patterns.

How to use craft punches

Craft punches are used to punch various shapes in cards and papers. They are great for card making projects. Craft punches come in a range of sizes.  There are specialised craft punches for corners and sides.

Paper flowers made from raffia paper cords

These are videos of paper flowers made from raffia paper cords.

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