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Nylon flower making equipment

This article gives a description of equipment that you need to make nylon flowers..

Nylon flower making equipment

Below is a list of equipment that you need to make nylon flowers.


Wires are used to make the frames of the petals, leaves and other flower components. The nylon is then wrapped around the wire frames. Thicker wires can be used as flower stems. Pliers are needed to bend the wires into the desired shapes. Small to medium sized pliers tends to work best.

shopPlastic cylinders

Plastic cylinders are tools used to shape wires into frames for petals and leaves. Nylon is then wrapped around the frames.

Plastic cylinders comes in 8 sizes and the ones that you use depends on the size of the petals or leaves that you want to make.

For those learning nylon craft, you may want to buy a complete set of 8 cylinders as these cylinders are used repeatedly and having a complete collection means you can make flowers of all sorts of sizes.

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