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Nylon flower making accessory materials

To make nylon flowers you need nylon fabric and accessory materials. This article gives a description of the accessory materials that you need to make nylon flowers.



Nylon flower making accessory materials

Apart from dyed nylon you will need some of the accessory materials listed below.

shopNylon thread for Mesh flowers

Nylon thread are special threads used to tie nylon to the wire frame. Nylon thread comes in a variety of colours, so that you can find a colour that goes with your nylon.

Nylon thread is stretchable and can be used to tie the nylon to the wire frame very tightly. It is important to tie the nylon tightly so that it can be stretched across the wire frame.

shopFlower stamens

The stamen is the pollen-producing reproductive organ of a flower.
There are over a hundred different types of artificial flower stamens. To make realistic nylon flowers it is important to select the flower stamens for your flowers.

Typically, flower stamens are attached to the flower by using nylon threads to tie the flower stamens to the wire frame of the flower.

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shopFlower leaves

A key component of flowers are leaves. You can make leaves out of nylon wrapped around a wire frame or you can use pre-made plastic leaves.

Pre-made plastic leaves can give your flower a different effect compared to making leaves out of nylon. There are many different types of leaves to choose from to suit the nylon flower that you are making.

shopPlastic Flower stem

These can be used as stems for your nylon flowers.

shopPlastic flower holders

These are used as the base of your flower.

shopFlorist wires

Florist wires of gauge 20 suitable for making petal frames and leaves.

Florist wires of gauge 12 suitable for making stems. Plastic stems can also be used

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shopFlorist tapes

Florist tapes are used to attach the base of a nylon flower to the flower stem (the flower stem could be made from wire or plastic).
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